Specialists in conservation & natural resources

What we do

Since 2014 we’ve worked across Europe on environmental protection, specialising in the natural environment and sustainable use of natural resources. Planning climate change adaptation measures is a core part of our work. We assist our clients through consulting, project development, and raising awareness & skills regarding environmental protection and use of natural resources.

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Our clients

Services we provide

  • Transposition and implementation of the EU nature legislation (especially Birds and Habitats Directives)
  • Setting conservation objectives and measures for protected areas
  • Inventory, monitoring and assessing conservation status of habitats, species and protected areas, including designing of such tasks (especially long-term monitoring schemes)
  • Appropriate assessments under Article 6.3 of the EU Habitats Directive
  • Consultancy services in Corporate social responsibility (CSR) related to environmental protection
  • Preparation of project proposals and project management on assessments/use of natural resources
  • Facilitation of meetings, discussions, and public debates
  • Presenting environmental issues to businesses, public administration, and institutions
  • Mediation and negotiation, conflict and problem resolution

Who we are

DHP Conservation is a team of experts with international experience – especially throughout Europe – helping our clients to use natural resources sustainably and optimise communication with stakeholders. We are flexible and keen to develop and implement innovative approaches, while keeping up to date with global best practices.

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