Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Management

  • We offer our services in addressing common public and other various interest groups and managing dialogue between parties with different positions and interests. We have a long term experience with facilitation of meetings, discussions, and public debates. We help translate environmental issues to a language understandable to business, public administration, and institutions not commonly coming into contact with nature protection issues.


  • With more than twenty years of experience in mediation and negotiation, we provide services in the field of conflict and problem resolution. For this purpose, we offer experienced staff helping both at a preparatory stage and during negotiation itself. We are also ready to act on our clients´ behalf during requested negotiations.


  • Having a long-standing experience with management of products, processes and resources, as well as with management of human resources and team building, we also provide our services in a field of company leadership. Thus, we offer consultations, specific trainings, and coaching of managers and leaders. We are able to assess the state of companies and propose ways for their development by using the theory of vitality as a methodological tool.

Selected References:

Consultancy services and study tour organization within the project “Towards Strengthened Conservation Planning in SEE”

in cooperation with IUCN for MAVA Foundation pour la Nature, 2016

Technical and organizational provision of webinars and interviews

for Nature Conservation Forum, 2014